What is ClickyBux?

ClickyBux is a global online community with multiple earning and advertising options.

How do I earn money?

ClickyBux gives you a chance to earn money for viewing simple advertisements daily. You can increase your earnings, by referring others and Upgrading your Membership. You will also have a chance to Win money with AdGrid.

What is Purchase Balance for?

Purchase Balance, is money you can spend on ClickyBux, but you can not cash out. You can buy all kinds of advertising or referrals.

How to win more with AdGgrid?

The higher your membership is, the more your chances are of winning a prize.

How much money can I make?

The amount of money each user earns varies based on how often you login and click advertisements, what is your membership, how many ads you click and their value, how many chances you use on AdGrid, how many referrals you have, how much commission you get from referral upgrades and more.

What is minimum cashout limit?

You can check minimum and maximum cashout limits for your membership (if applies to your membership type) on membership upgrade page.

How often can I view advertisements?

You can view advertisements once every 24 hours. Ads reset at midnight server time. The server time is located at the top of the Advertisements page.

I requested a payment but the money is back in my Account Balance?

If you request a payment using the wrong payment processor or your cashout failed due to some system issues, your money will be refunded back to your Account Balance.

What if I cheat your system, create more than one account etc.?

So you're hacker, right? Wants to cheat our system?
Lets give it a try and cheat our system. We will may even let you earn all the way to reach your cashout limits. And when its time to cashout all your hardwork, we will join the game. Believe us, ClickyBux will rock, and you will be shocked. All your hardwork to cheat our system will be sent to dustbin and you will be permanently banned along with will all your accounts, emails, usernames, ips etc. with a good luck to try next time.